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Renaissance Fair

Renaissance Fair

Lori Anne McKague

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“Curiosity is the heart of creativity.”

When the mind’s eye is a kaleidoscope, creation springs forth from the most unlikely of places. Such vision inspires artist Lori Anne McKague’s off-beat works of art.

Retiring to a mountaintop in Chilliwack, BC, Canada, after 40 years as a successful graphic designer, Lori’s creative curiosity found new avenues of expression, fed by her passion for travel, and the beautiful wilderness around her. Perpetually armed with art journal and pen, Lori found herself channeling each new adventure into visions of shape and movement, which flowed as ink to paper into a series of other-worldly creations she christened “Doodles.”

Later, by adding colour, each Doodle transcended its birth in black and white to a harmonized visual symphony that transfixes the eye. Lori’s graphic expertise also led her to expand her Doodles into an army of repeatable patterns, each with its own peculiar but pleasing rhythm, as they marched across wearable works of art and other assorted whatnots.

Recognizing kindred souls, Lori has now partnered with Anthology Puzzles to render her Doodles into visual mysteries that will challenge even the most seasoned puzzlers. As one of our Subscription Series Artists, Lori invites you to lose yourself in the challenging puzzles she’s designed in collaboration with Anthology.

And now, with the release of “Renaissance Fair”, Lori’s curiosity has reached a new level of creativity with her first doodle-cut puzzle design. See what happens when the doodle artist is given free rein to dream up whimsies, then doodle all the puzzle piece shapes on top of her original artwork.

To find out more about Lori Anne McKague’s art, or to purchase her one-of-a-kind originals, please visit

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