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Anthology Artist Wholesale Starter Packs

Anthology Artist Wholesale Starter Packs

Turn your art into a beautiful wooden jigsaw that you can sell in your own store as well as earning royalties through ours!


Why become an Anthology Artist?

We designed our Anthology Artist program to enable independent artists to benefit from collaborating with Anthology Puzzles, who enjoy a reputation for making exceptionally high quality jigsaws.

We are staying true to our humble roots by ensuring you can access the same benefits as larger buyers and therefore enjoy a healthy margin if you plan to sell your jigsaws for a profit. Benefits include:

  • Wholesale pricing on all jigsaws, with no minimums
  • 7% royalties on all sales of jigsaws containing your design, including wholesale
  • Freedom to resell jigsaws containing your design for profit
  • Hand-designed cut pattern including 3 themed pieces
  • Listing of your design on our website (optional)
  • Packaging labelled with your design and name
  • Product photography that you can use for your own marketing
  • Potential to earn additional royalties from our subscription program
  • Exposure to our growing list of local and national purchasers
  • Marketing of your designs at no extra cost
  • No ongoing fees or charges!

Can anyone become an Anthology Artist?

Yes! All we ask is that you created the artwork yourself* and that it complies with our artwork standards.

*or are the legal representative if the artwork is produced by a minor/individual who cannot sign for themself.

Why must I purchase a Wholesale Starter Pack?

It requires up to 16 hours of work to take an image, design and test the cut pattern, print the artwork, mount it to the wood and cut it on the laser then ensure the process is repeatable.

The price you pay is purely to order jigsaws at wholesale rates (50% of retail), which in turn helps to ensure our talented designers get paid! There are no additional compulsory costs associated with becoming, or remaining an Anthology Artist.

If you resell the jigsaws from your starter pack at our Recommended Retail Price, you will already have offset the purchase cost!

How do wholesale account work?

The information you submit with this image will be used to set up your wholesale account. Your account will be active once shipping notification of your Starter Pack is sent.

You will then be able to log in and see wholesale pricing automatically displayed for every product.

If you are a business entity with sales tax exemption, please upload your resale certificate so we can remove sales tax from future orders.

We do not currently have any pricing restrictions associated with resale of our jigsaws.

Can I purchase multiple Starter Packs?

Yes, you can do this by increasing the quantity in your cart, but we wouldn't advise it!

The starter pack price is the same as our best wholesale rate, but doesn't pay royalties. We suggest waiting until your design is listed then submitting a wholesale order instead, which gives you more control over the products you select and also pays royalties, making it better value for an established artist.

What if I have multiple images?

Each image requires a separate Starter Pack as this helps us to cover design costs. If you wish to create multiple designs, please add each one to the cart separately.

The one exception to this rule is for artists who are part of our Subscription Program (see below).

What is the Subscription Program

If you browse our store you will notice that some artists have their own subscriptions available. This enables customers to sign-up to receive a new puzzle from that artist every month at a discounted price.

Joining our Subscription program allows you to benefit from more regular royalty income plus a one-time $200 bonus royalty for every additional 10 subscribers you gain (capped at $1,000/mo).

Becoming a subscription artist exempts you from the requirement to purchase a Starter Pack for your future images, but not the initial one.

To get your own subscription you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Achieve a minimum of 10 unit sales per month of your current design(s), which can be wholesale or retail and include your own purchases.
  2. Be actively marketing your designs through your own social media and tag Anthology Puzzles in at least 4 of those posts per month.
  3. Be able to provide a minimum of 12 images that we can use on your subscription puzzles and produce more as required.
  4. Commit to maintaining at least 1 active subscription once released.

If you meet the above criteria, please contact or DM us on social media to get started.

What royalties will I get?

We pay 7% of net sales as a royalty on every retail sale that has you listed as the artist.

We pay 7% of net sales as a royalty on any subscriptions that have you listed as the artist, plus an additional $200 for every 10 subscribers you have gained over your previous highest total, up to a maximum of $1,000/month.

There is no cap on royalties and you can use our external royalty portal to see your earnings in real time or request a payout.

Why must I agree to a contract?

Contracts are important in order to protect both your art and our brand. We offer a simple contract that ensures you retain the rights to your artwork and that we only use it specifically for making jigsaws or associated marketing.

Our contract gives us the right to use your image for a period of 2 years, reverting to a rolling 30 day period after that until either party requests to terminate the contract.

Please be aware that the contract does not mandate us to make or market your designs, it simply provides us with the ability to do so if we wish. In general, we will only withhold a design if it is controversial, illegal or fails to achieve any sales over a period of several months.

You must sign the contract (via a google form available above the image upload) prior to creating a new design, otherwise we will be unable to proceed with production.

What are the image requirements?

  1. You MUST have the legal right to use the image you upload for commercial purposes.
  2. Aspect ratio must be 3:4, 4:3 or 1:1 (you can crop during upload). We may make subtle sizing adjustments to suit the design.
  3. Image quality must be such that no pixelation is visible at A4/ US Letter size.
  4. Allow for a 5mm bleed due to the edges being removed during cutting.
  5. No plain backgrounds. If your design is shaped, it must be on a background that adds interest to the puzzle such as a color gradient or pattern.
  6. No obscene or offensive designs, text-based graphics, logos or fan art that could infringe trademarks. No "personal" art such as family photos. Our decision to publish is final but you will be refunded in the event that we choose not to produce your design.

Are there any other costs for me?

No! Once you purchase a Wholesale Starter Pack the rest of our services from product photography to website hosting are completely free for the duration of your contract!

We highly recommend continuing to purchase your own designs for resale as you still receive royalties on these orders while also being able to resell at a good margin, but this is entirely optional.

Can I terminate my contract early?

Your contract can be terminated by mutual agreement or after the initial 2-year period has passed.

If you wish to terminate your contract early, please contact us to discuss your options. In general, we will allow this so long as our design costs have been recovered through sales and your artwork is not generating continued significant sales income.

The Important Stuff

We know this is long and boring, but it will keep your artwork safe and only takes a few minutes.

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  • Important Info

    • Wholesale Starter Packs are made to order. We aim to ship within 30 days.
    • Your design will usually be published to our website on the day of shipping.
    • We do not accept returns for custom/wholesale products but will provide replacements in the event of damage on arrival.
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