Submit Art

Think your artwork would look good on a jigsaw puzzle? Then you are in the right place! As artists supporting artists, we offer generous royalty payments and artist-oriented contracts. Any type of work can be submitted so long as it meets our quality requirements. We really like bold images with lots of color variation and defined edges, but are open to other unique suggestions. Up to 8 images can be uploaded should you have a whole series. We offer:

  • Generous 8% royalty on gross retail sales
  • Automated royalty calculations with an Artist Portal where you can keep track of your payments
  • Quarterly royalty payments
  • Fair contracts where we only take what we really need
  • Worldwide exposure for your artwork
  • Free copy of a puzzle containing your image(s)
  • 10% artist discount code for items featuring your work, that you can share with your followers 

Submitting your artwork to us is commitment-free and secure so if you have more questions (and we are sure you do), check out our FAQs or go ahead with your upload and we will be happy to answer them in detail before asking you to sign any agreement.