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Get preferential pricing and free shipping when you subscribe to your favorite Anthology! You can make changes as often as you like and even add one-time products to save on shipping! Scroll down for subscription FAQs.

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Subscription FAQs

What makes an Anthology puzzle special?

Every image is a work of art, even before it becomes a puzzle! We use the same giclee printing methods that you would find on fine art prints so you can be sure that your jigsaw will last for generations.

Our specialist manufacturing techniques combine hand crafting and precision laser cutting to create a highly tactile, frame-worthy jigsaw puzzle.

Unlike most puzzle companies, we also pay royalties to our artists so your are directly supporting the creator with every purchase!

What subscriptions are available?

We offer two main types of subscription.

the Shaped Subscription is our popular original concept where we create a truly unique puzzle that is shaped to match the design rather than having shaped edges. It usually contains 5-10 themed pieces.

The Art Puzzle Subscriptions feature exclusive works from our Anthology Artists and are available in multiple sizes. These puzzles are square or rectangular and usually contain 3 themed pieces.

How do jigsaw subscriptions work?

Our wooden jigsaw puzzle subscriptions are designed to give you access to amazing artwork at a fraction of the price you would have to pay for a one-time purchase. The puzzles are yours to keep.

Simply select the subscription(s) you wish to purchase, add to your cart and check out. We ship subscriptions in the first few days of each month. If you subscribe mid-month, we will do our best to get your first order shipped within a few days. New subscriptions within 7 days of month-end will be processed alongside the next-month's orders (you won't be charged twice).

Your payment method will be charged on the 1st of each month (other than your initial order) until you cancel the subscription.

You can access your account at any time to update your subscription, for example if you want add additional puzzles or chage the image style.

What if my puzzle is damaged or I don't like it?

We guarantee that you will enjoy our puzzles. If you simply don't like the cut design or image, you can return the puzzle to us for a refund of that month's subscription (minus shipping).

If your puzzle gets damaged in transit or you find something wrong with it such as a missing piece, please contact us and we will make it right as soon as possible. The fastest way to reach us is via Instagram DM.

Can I track my delivery?

Yes! You will receive an email with tracking details once your order ships.

Please be aware that international orders may not have tracking beyond the US port of departure unless they are provided by the mail service in the receiving country.

How do I update/cancel my subscription

All subscriptions can be managed by logging into your customer account and selecting the subscription you wish to update. You can perform functions such as changing to a different style, updating your address or canceling completely. When updating your address, please be sure to change it on the actual subscription, not just the default address. This means you can have different subscriptions delivered to different addresses if desired.

What are Anthology Artists?

Many jigsaw images are repeated across multiple companies becuase they are available royalty-free. This is good for profit, but not for artists. We've created our Anthology Artists program to showcase a wide variety of talent from around the globe.

Our Anthology Artists receive a royalty payment for every puzzle we produce containing their work, including those sold through our subscriptions. This means you get some amazing art for incredible prices while also supporting the artist!

How do Puzzle Points work?

Puzzle Points are our loyalty rewards program. Points can be earned for a variety of actions such as making purchases and referring friends. Puzzle Points can be redeemed for free gifts, discounts and other special offers. You can earn enough points for free shipping just by signing-up!

Visit your account to see the full breakdown.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is included in the subscription price for all 50 US States (looking at you, Hawaii & Alaska)!

We also ship worldwide for the lowest possible rates, which you can see at checkout.

Can I purchase past puzzles to complete an Anthology?

We recognise that you may wish to complete your jigsaw Anthology by purchasing previously released puzzles. They are all available in our retail section but we may be able to offer a discount if you are purchasing several. Please send us a DM or email to let us know what you wish to order.